Raising finance for the continuing business purchase is not simple, but there could be more choices than you might think.

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Raising finance for the continuing business purchase is not simple, but there could be more choices than you might think.

After you have determined in the style of company you intend to purchase – be it a restaurant, a pub, a resort and even a game title park, it is important to deal with the all-important dilemma of funding your purchase.

Few individuals have actually the methods to buy a continuing company with money without the necessity to borrow. Here is the exact exact same for many buyers – whether or not they’re acquiring a cafe in Grahamstown or even a software that is million-rand in Johannesburg.

Utilizing a bank

Unsurprisingly, banks will be the many form that is common of finance for smaller businesses – and also this would be the exact exact same for you personally.

You need to approach the lender they suggest as the best option for you that you already deal with and see what.

Banking institutions are often really adverse that is risk therefore that will would you like to loan money to businesses that may show that they can manage to repaying the funds.

To become effective, you have to make a coherent instance for borrowing the funds as banking institutions have actually strict financing criteria. You may usually be asked to show the after information:

Concerning the company


You need to provide accounts that are audited business you would like to purchase, going back 3 years where possible. Ensure that these accounts are really a real expression for the company. A bank can only just provide cash for your requirements centered on these reports, no matter any income that is hidden an owner may ensure you of.

Revenue projections

It has to be always a revenue that is realistic when it comes to company. You may also produce 2 or 3 situations to provide the lender convenience regarding the possibility of various results. You have to additionally detail exactly what your cashflow will probably look like once you’ve factored in expenses – such as for example repayments associated with the loan you’re taking down.

Company plan

This does not need to be an exhaustive plan that is 50-page however it must create a legitimate situation for the company you’re purchasing, its market as well as your intends to achieve who owns rise credit that market – whether you are purchasing a widget maker or a bottle store. It should consist of everything you propose regarding the company you might be purchasing, as it is or improve it whether you intend to simply run it.


You will have to offer proof of the worth regarding the continuing company you will be purchasing. Where feasible, this would be undertaken by an expert, such as for example an accountant or valuation specialist that is compensated to provide a business appraisal that is professional.

When it comes to a property-based company, such as for instance a restaurant or resort then the surveyor’s report may help value the bricks and mortar. Then you will probably be using a multiple of that business’s earnings if the business is not property based (for example a PR company or a recruitment consultancy. As an example, numerous companies are presently respected between three and eight times their profit.

Attempting to sell representative’s details

You’ll be expected to provide contact information when it comes to representative representing the company or the merchant’s details if you’re purchasing straight through the vendor.

About yourself


A CV with details of the work that is previous experience be required. Keep this quick and also to the purpose and outline any experience that is relevant can help persuade the lender that they’re reducing danger by lending for you.

Asset and obligation statement

This may detail everything you very very own (such the equity in your house or stocks) and your balance – including bank card debts as well as other outstanding loans.

Bank statements

Typically, you will be asked to make bank statements designed for the past six to year. Anti laundering and fraudulence legislation now need evidence of your ID and residency, such as for instance photocopies of the passport.

Should you plan to decrease this path (borrowing cash from the bank) it is vital to spending some time researching the different loan items accessible to you. As an example, long term loans however with reduced rate of interest re re payments can be better than a greater rate of interest.

Easily put, do not simply glance at the rate of interest – consider the term. For instance:

  • Loan A for R1 000 000 at base rate + 2%, over ten years, works away at R11 100 each month
  • Loan B of R1 000 000 at base price + 3%, over twenty years, works away at R7 100 each month

Also you are spending pack the mortgage on an increased rate of interest with instance (B), as you are paying it back once again over a longer time (two decades, in the place of ten years) you might be spending R4 000 less each month.

In cashflow terms that huge difference could possibly be extremely important for you during the early phases of one’s business that is new, in fact. Therefore, do not automatically go through the interest rate – too consider the term.

You may also wish to consider the following options if you decide to finance your purchase without the use of a bank:

Company finance experts

They are agents that assistance company purchasers and owners obtain the deal that is best. Generally, they’ll have access to a huge selection of various providers and start to become brand agnostic; meaning they’ll offer you the finance that is suitable for you, irrespective of their payment framework.

It’s worth noting that not absolutely all agents are alike. Some will charge commission into the potential company owner, while other cost the financial institution.

In either case, access many different choices will allow you to make a measured and informed choice.

Government Funds

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and connected organisations like the Small Enterprise developing Agency (SEDA) are whom most loans that are government companies come through.

These loans will frequently have terms which can be a much more flexible compared to those off their financial organisations.

There are lots of loan programmes which is worth taking into consideration such as for example Isivande Women’s Fund, Khula, plus the nationwide Youth developing Agency (NYDA).

It will make a difference to do just as much research as you possibly can to find federal government loans with requirements that matches your organization.

Personal investors

They are generally referred to as ‘angels’ or ‘high net-worth people’ and these personal investors – trying to back brand brand new ventures with prospective – now compensate a group that is sizeable. The development among these backers – the exact same variety of people who may spend money on art or home – is partly owing to some bad currency markets returns of belated.

It is possible to relate with possible angel investors through platforms such as the Angel Investment system and Jozi Angels

They could never be spending because of the may of capital raising companies, but their ethos is similar – a great return on their investment in a brief period of the time.

Therefore, for those who have intends to purchase a company or two, consolidate them and then float regarding the currency markets they are the sort of individuals you might like to approach.

Capital raising funds

There are over 250 investment capital funds in Southern Africa whom look for to buy exciting company some ideas with a high development leads, products having a competitive advantage and very skilled administration groups.

But, if you’re probably be a company owner enthusiastic about owning a life style business (a company whoever primary function would be to offer an excellent total well being and work satisfaction for your needs being an owner) then you’re not likely to produce the high economic return that investment capital investors are searching for.

Some endeavor funds aim to invest R10m with all the expectation of making R50m (or even more) within 3 years. This isn’t that loan and you may need certainly to stop trying a big stake in your company.

The investor will generally expect you’ll be earnestly associated with your organization and its own progress. Nonetheless, you might have plans that are big combine a small business sector, like nurseries for kiddies or junk food outlets and investment capital could be the ideal solution.

Audience capital

This might be among the latest how to raise finance. Really, oahu is the procedure for individuals or teams money that is pooling fund other teams, people or organizations. It is not frequently utilized to simply help individuals purchase pre-existing organizations, but you can find the ones that have experienced success on location.

There are many nuances within crowdfunding, though when compared to other types of increasing finance, there’s lots of transparency as campaigns perform far better whenever media that are social included.

You might find it beneficial to talk with an accountant before jumping in to alternate forms of financing, but ideally you are better ready to result in the right choice in terms of increasing finance.

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